Thursday, January 18, 2007

My life has become obsessed with

Second Life. The remarkable metauniverse developed my Linden Labs. I have been "playing" the game since about Thanksgiving and have really been active since about Christmas.
I will write more about it soon. Just wanted you to know i hadn't dropped off the face of the earth completely. I have just moved to my other life.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Why do the Republicans HATE the constitution and teh country?

In case you haven't heard, that gasbag Glenn Beck recently went after Howard Ellison, the newly elected member of Congress from Minnesota. Oh yeah, the newly elected member of congress just happens to be a Muslim. Like there is any thing wrong with that.

Courtesy of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.

Check out the commentary from Bill in Exile on this topic.

Thanks Scott, you made my morning.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christian Coalition President-Elect Steps Down

The President-Elect of the the Christian Coalition has stepped down.

The Rev. Joel C. Hunter, pastor of a Florida megachurch, was named the group’s president-elect in July. He was to have taken over the presidency in January from Roberta Combs, who is also the chairwoman of the Christian Coalition’s board. Mrs. Combs will continue in both positions now.

Over the last few years, Dr. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland Church in Longwood, Fla., has gained a reputation as an evangelical leader seeking to expand the agenda of conservative Christian activists from issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. (NYT).
It appears that the good christians can't get themselve past being hate mongers and try to do something good for the world.

The Dan Band - HO HO HO

The Dan Band - new video - HO HO HO

Thursday, November 23, 2006

From the Bangor Daily News - Weds Nov 22, 2006

Political Cartoonist George Danby whose work appears in the Bangor Daily News hit it right on the head yesterday with the image above. His work can be found here. For some unknown reason this image isn't there.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

UCLA Taser assault - more information

This in today from

History of problem with UCLA taser cop
by John in DC - 11/21/2006 03:29:00 PM

From the LA Times:

The UCLA police officer videotaped last week using a Taser gun on a student also shot a homeless man at a campus study hall room three years ago and was earlier recommended for dismissal in connection with an alleged assault on fraternity row, authorities said.... In May 1990, he was accused of using his nightstick to choke someone who was hanging out on a Saturday in front of a UCLA fraternity.

And before UCLA scapegoats this gent and thinks the affair is over, let's not forget that the UCLA written policy says it's okay to use taser against passive resistance. Somebody more than this copy needs to pay.

Defense Department Anti-terrorism database held info on anti-war movement

The Defense Department office responsible for maintaining database of terrorism information has been caught holding tips and info of anti-war and peace activist activity. The information became known throught a FOIA request brought by the ACLU. (NYT)

The Hobbit to proceed without Peter Jackson

New Line Cinemas has decided to move forward with the film adaptation of "The Hobbit" and another prequel without the services of Peter Jackson. The dispute is over money. Let's hope this works itself out. I don't think I would really pay to see these movies if Peter Jackson doesn't make them.

Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh email to The One

CA Supremes OK broad Web Libel immunity

Web sites that publish inflammatory information written by other parties cannot be sued for libel, the California Supreme Court ruled Monday.

The ruling in favor of free online expression was a victory for a San Diego woman who was sued by two doctors for posting an allegedly libelous e-mail on two Web sites.

Full story here.

New books coming from Regan books - thanks

Thanks Joe

If I Did Rape Her, The Bitch Screamed Real Loud

- by Kobe Bryant.

Steroids I'd Take, If I Took Them -Vol.1
- by Barry Bonds.

McCauley Caulkin : Totally Not The Sweetest Piece Of Ass
- by Michael Jackson.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A post from my old blog - had to repost it here.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Superman Returns - Yes He Does!

I got to see the Tuesday night 10PM premier of Superman Returns. I am just a big geek at heart and really loved the original series with Christopher Reeve.

The movie started with some catching up on who each of the characters are. This only took a few minutes. Then we went right into the new story.

There were a lot of familiar things in this movie. Most of all the use of John Williams score from the original series. It helped set the tone and moved you along really well. Also we got to see Superman stare into Lois Lane's eyes and take her flying. This was unbelievable. The whole time I was watching the movie I kept thinking that I was hearing Christoper Reeve. It was so spooky how Brandon Routh sounds so much like Christopher Reeve.

I am not going to give you any spoilers. I will link you to another review and comments about the movie. He gives you a spoiler with no warning. DON'T believe it. Link here to

So do yourself a favor and take in this movie. One spoiler. It runs 2.5 hours.

Thanks to Joe for the image.

Rep. Charles Rangel of New York wants to reinstate the Draft

Rep Charles Rangel of New York, the incoming chair of the House Ways and Means committee, wants to reinstate the draft. Love him or Hate him, you have to admire a man who stands up for what he believes and keeps bringing it to the table. (Oh wait, the same could be said for the President and the nutso candidates he keeps proposing for the Federal Judiciary.)
Reading the reasoning behind the draft, I agree with the esteemed gentleman from New York.
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Pelosi says military draft resumption won't be on their agenda. (CNN)
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Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has font preference

Via Wonkette.

Aide to Sen. Susan Collins sends out memo about fonts: “After reviewing a variety of typefaces to see whether they might prove more readable than the current protocol of 16-point Times Roman bold for speeches, statements and talking points, Senator Collins has decided that she would like to use Lucida Bright.” [Examiner]

Well D'oh, Henry Kissinger feels it is o longer possible to achieve victory in Iraq

Henry Kissinger feels that it no longer possible to achieve victory in Iraq. Do we know what vicotry in Iraq was supposed to look like. This is amazing that the current administration was using Kissinger as a source of information for the policy in Iraq. Didn't we get enough of him and the failed policies in Vietnam. Maybe that is why President Bush is now drawing comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam.

UCLA student to sue after being repeatedly hit by Taser.

The fourth year American UCLA student, who happens to be of Iranian decent, will be suing UCLA alleging "brutal excessive force" and false arrest, according to his lawyers. Update on the story is available here. To make this story more unbelievable, it is reported today on Americablog that UCLA has a written policy regarding the use of the TASER. To further echo what is being said at Americablog, Someone needs to get fired over this policy. It is truly unbelievable.

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UCLA orders outside probe of Taser arrest. (LATimes)